A Snowstorm that Hid a City

January 23, 2016

You couldn’t see Brooklyn from Manhattan today.


About Those New NYRR Bibs

December 11, 2015

Since the close of NYRR’s East 8th Street building, bib pickup is taking place at the NYRR store at 322 Columbus Ave. When you pick up your your bib, you will not receive a bib that is pre-assigned to you. Your name, running pace, club affiliation will not appear on the bib. You receive a random bib from a volunteer at a checkout register which will be assigned to you. Gone is any semblance of number hierarchy. The last thing the volunteer does before handing you the bib is placing a sticker with a corral letter on the bib.

What about that?

The corral letters easily peal off of the new bibs. See here:


I thought the randomly assigned numbers would make it difficult to spot the cheaters in the results. But being able to peel and swap the sticker makes it possible to jump corrals.

Video: East River Fish Frenzy

September 7, 2015

Fascinating scene in the East River at the northern end of East River Park. I’m not certain if the fish were feeding or mating. I haven’t identified the fish species either.

Some of the fish caught by an angler on the ERP promenade.


The fish made a wake as they journeyed South.


The school of fish made a large surface shadow.


2015 Brooklyn Marathon will be the RRCA Eastern Regional Championship Race

November 9, 2014

Brooklyn running has been getting hot over the past five years with the popularity of NYRR’s Brooklyn Half-Marathon and NYCRuns’ Brooklyn Marathon. So it only seems natural for a championship race to find its way to the NYC borough. That being said, the Road Runners Club of America has selected the NYCRuns Brooklyn Marathon to be the 2015 RRCA Eastern Regional Championship Race.

Since its inception, the Broklyn Marathon has been a sold out event with the demand that would let it grow into a much larger event. In 2014, NYCRuns had added prize money to the Brooklyn Marathon to attract higher caliber runners. The details for the 2015 Brooklyn Marathon have not been released yet. But it has been a goal for NYCRuns to take the Brooklyn Marathon out of Prospect Park and onto the streets of Brooklyn. Watch for announcements from NYCRuns about the 2015 Brooklyn Marathon following the next running of the marathon on Sunday, November 16.

Three Goals Achieved at the NYC Marathon

November 9, 2014

1) Boston Qualifier.

2) Finishing amongst the top 2,000 finishers.

3) Crossing the finish line before 1:00 PM Eastern.

2014 Fifth Avenue Mile Videos: Men’s Race, Women’s Race, Awards Ceremony

September 14, 2014

2014 Fifth Avenue Mile Professional Men

Jordan McNamara surprises everyone by coming out of nowhere at the end of the race for the victory (finish line pic). His time was 3:50.90.  Garrett Heath was a close second in 3:51. This year the top seven runners finished with sub 3:53 mile times.

2014 Fifth Avenue Mile Professional Women

Jenny Simpson repeats as the winner this year by defeating Brenda Martinez. You could not have asked for a better match up with two runners that had outstanding season on the track. The ladies did put on a great race with both running a 4:19 mile.  This year’s race was the first time there had been fourteen women sub-4:30. Incredible.

2014 Fifth Avenue Mile Awards Ceremony

Full Results

Video: 2014 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim

June 14, 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Video of the second group of swimmers as they passed East River Park.


NAMI Walks 5K May 10, 2014

May 10, 2014

5K course: South Street Seaport head North along bicycle greenway under FDR, follow greenway past Montgomery Street into East River Park at the gate, onto ERP esplanade (service road), right turn into ERP amphitheater, head over bridge into Corlears Hook Park, then back along the same route to the Seaport.

Detailed Course Map: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6302211

Event site: http://www.namiwalksnyc.org

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Morning Fog Rising on the East River

April 8, 2014



Google Now Activity Tracking

April 1, 2014


Google Now can track the amount of time you walk and cycle by your phone’s activity. It must deduct stopped time since my bike commute is 30 mins total each day. The time I had spent running must be included in my recorded walking time. Since I had run about 34 hours in March.

Update: I ran 37 hours 20 minutes in March according to my training log.


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