Meb Is All American

meb_keflezighiI can’t believe there are people out there that want to challenge whether Meb Keflezighi NYC Marathon win is truly a win by an American(NYT Article) . This is because Meb was born in Eritrea and immigrated to the United States when he was 12. There are people that believe you need to be born in the United States to truly be considered an American.

My grandfather, Hon. Mark A. Costantino, was a Federal Court judge who had naturalized over 250,000 people citizens of the United States. His parents were immigrants from Italy that embraced their new country and worked very hard. In every new citizen he naturalized, he saw in them the hopes, dreams and love for the United States his parents had. Meb Keflezighi could have been one of these people he naturalized an American citizen. If you had asked my grandfather if Meb was an American, he would say he is all American.

One Response to “Meb Is All American”

  1. Eric Selvig Says:

    Here here!!! Great post.

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