Help Save Chocolate Milk in Our Schools

I read on Runner’s World Ask the Running Doc that chocolate milk is being eliminated from school lunch menus. It’s unbelievable to think something as healthy as chocolate milk would be removed from the menus. The reason for the removal is the high sugar content. But according to the Running Doc, it has as much sugar as apple juice. Also chocolate milk’s many essential vitamins outweigh it’s extra sugar content. I remember as a child I didn’t like drinking regular milk. So I had the school serve me chocolate milk. I would even bring my own chocolate milk powder to school so I could drink chocolate milk. I knew I had to drink milk. So do these kids in our schools. They should be able to have chocolate milk on the school menus. You can help by going to and show your support for chocolate milk in schools.

One Response to “Help Save Chocolate Milk in Our Schools”

  1. Chocolate milk is a ‘natural’ for post-exercise recovery « East River Runner Says:

    […] ‘natural’ for post-exercise recovery By kmc212 Chocolate milk had already been a topic on this site. I think I had said chocolate milk save my childhood, or something to that extent, and […]

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