NYC Half-Marathon Lottery Opens Today at Noon

The NYC Half-Marathon which has been run in the Summer has been moved to March 21. Moving the race to March 21 by NYRR is to better assist runners by staging the race in a cooler time of the year. NYRR also hopes to attract more of the world’s top runners to use the NYC Half-Marathon as a tune-up race for the upcoming London and Boston marathons.

The NYC Half-Marathon entry application will be available December 1 at noon.

Guaranteed entry for Runners who meet the following qualifying time standards* on any certified course:
Open (Age 18-39)**    Masters (Age 40+)**
Marathon   Half-Marathon     Marathon    Half-Marathon
Men        2:55:00      1:23:00                 3:10:00        1:30:00
Women  3:23:00      1:37:00                  3:38:00        1:44:00

Veterans (Age 50+)**               Veterans (Age 60+)**
Marathon   Half-Marathon        Marathon    Half-Marathon
Men            3:30:00      1:40:00                     3:45:00      1:48:00
Women      3:52:00      1:50:00                      4:13:00     2:00:30

There is also guaranteed entry through charity programs and National Travel Partner.

Processing Fee
US $5
This fee is required for all applicants. This payment is non-refundable and will be processed when we receive your application.

Entry Fee
NYRR Members*: US $79
Non-Members Domestic: US $90

Non-Members Int’l (including Canada and Puerto Rico): US $150

Good luck!

One Response to “NYC Half-Marathon Lottery Opens Today at Noon”

  1. Arletta Teems Says:

    I am going to start training for a local marathon and I am using a program developed by Marrius Bakken. It’s a really good system, I am just throwing it out there for those who are interested in a good system.

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