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NYRR Announces Cancelled Marathon Resolution

December 20, 2012

Just in time for the Mayan Apocalypse, NYRR announces their cancelled marathon resolution. The options are 1) Refund, 2) Guaranteed entry into the 2013, 2014 or 2015 NYC Marathon, or 3)Guaranteed entry into the 2013 NYC Half. Runners that select guaranteed entry for the marathon or half will need to pay the full entry price. No credits or discounts will be offered for the guaranteed entry option.

NYRR’s resolution is fair. Those runners that live far away and spent a lot of money on travel to NYC, can recoup some of their money spent with the refund. The guaranteed entry option for the marathon and half is a very good solution too. It saves runners the time and money they would have to spend qualifying for the marathon or half.  Plus the marathon streakers can keep streaking!

What option would you chose? Please discuss in the comments.

What About the NYC Marathon Streakers?

December 9, 2012

This past week NYRR had addressed the cancelled 2012 NYC Marathon will count as a 9+1 race qualifier.  But, NYRR still has yet to address whether runners that qualify by finishing 15 previous NYC Marathon streaks will be intact. It would stink if runners would lose this means of qualifying for the NYC Marathon.

From the ING NYC Marathon site:

Qualifying by finishing 15 previous New York City Marathons. The ING New York City Marathon offers eligibility for guaranteed entry to runners who have finished 15 or more New York City Marathons

About NYRR’s 9+1 Announcement for the Cancelled Marathon

December 9, 2012

On Wednesday, December 5, 2012, NYRR sent the following statement in an email to it’s members stating the cancelled 2012 NYC Marathon will count as a 9+1 qualifying race. 

Cancelled 2012 ING New York City Marathon Will Count as 9+1 Qualifying Race

We thank you for your patience as we continue to work through issues related to the cancellation of the 2012 ING New York City Marathon. This work is ongoing and we will update you on any developments as soon as possible.

At this time we’d like to share with you that as an NYRR member, you will receive 9+1 race qualifying credit for your entry into the marathon.

Please check your NYRR member profile starting December 11 to ensure that you’ve received the credit; e-mail us if you have any concerns. (Note: The 9+1 program is for NYRR members only; full details can be found here.)

This does not mean runners will only be receiving 9+1 credit for the cancelled marathon. According to NYRR the matter has not been resolved.  In a response from NYRR on December 6, a NYRR representative statedMore specifically, any further decisions related to any other issues or questions are still pending.”  It appears that NYRR is still working on a resolution to satisfy the runners of the cancelled 2012 NYC Marathon. I’m certain the last thing NYRR wants is to deal with is a mob of angry runners.

What I don’t understand is the timeliness of the 9+1 statement.  It would have been nice if NYRR would have sent the 9+1 credit email sooner after the marathon was cancelled. Because I was under the impression I would not be receiving 9+1 credit and it had caused me to change my plans.  I had registered for the Las Vegas Marathon, cancelled volunteering for the 60K and did not register for 2 additional to reach 9 for the year. So I am out of luck with 9+1 qualifying for the 2013 NYC Marathon.

2010 ING NYC Marathon

November 6, 2010

After this year’s amazing Boston Marathon, it doesn’t surprise anyone that New York Road Runners has assembled such an amazing field of men and women elite runners for the ING NYC Marathon. New Yorkers don’t ever want to be runners up to Boston.

At 37 years of age, Haile Gebrselassie, the marathon world record holder (2:03:59), will be making his NYC Marathon debut. After 10 marathon wins and 2 Olympic gold medals, it only was a matter of time for Gebrselassie to try to conquer the NYC Marathon. With his outstanding resume, many believe that he is the favorite to win the marathon.

This year America will be experiencing something at the NYC Marathon they haven’t had the cance to in 27 years – an American with the chance to repeat winning the NYC Marathon. Meb Keflezighi, the 2009 NYC Marathon and USATF Marathon Champion, has an opportunity to be the first American to repeat.

The USA will also be seeing the return of Dathan Ritzenhein to the marathon. Ritzenhein had a great 2009 and 2010 under the coaching of Alberto Salazar. He had set the American record for the 5000 meter, placed third at the 2009 World Half-Marathon Championship, and won the 2010 USA Cross Country Championship. Ritzenhein had to take some time off from running earlier this year because of an injury. He and Coach Salzar believe he is back on track. Prior to being coached by Salzar, Ritz’s marathon personal best was 2:10:00 at London 2009. Since this is Ritzenhein’s first marathon with Salazar, we’ll see if Salazar is capable of working some magic with Ritzenhein on Sunday.

America has a very good chance of winning the men’s race this year with Keflezighi and Ritzenhein in the field. But, they’ll have their hands full with Abderrahime Bouramdane, Gebre Gebremariam, Haile Gebrselassie, Marilson Gomes dos Santos, Abderrahim Goumri, Peter Kamais, Abel Kirui, Gilbert Kirwa, James Kwambai, Emmanuel Mutai, Hendrick Ramaala and Viktor Röthlin in the competition. They are all capable of winning the marathon.

The women’s race features the greatest women’s distance runner of all time – Derartu Tulu. Tulu won the 2009 NYC Marathon at the age of 37 after taking two years off from road racing after giving birth to two girls. Her chances of winning are very good this year. Tulu’s top competition are Great Britain’s Mara Yamauchi, Salina Kosgei, Teyba Erkesso, and Russia’s Inga Abitova Mara is GB’s second fastest female marathoner (2:23:12) behind Paula Radcliffe. Kosgei is the 2009 Boston Marathon. Erkesso is the 2010 Boston Marathon champion. Abitova was second at the 2010 London Marathon.

Shalane Flanagan, who is one of America’s top female distance runners, will be making her marathon debut. With her successes (10,000 meter US record holder) Flanagan is seen to be America’s best chance at winning the 2010 NYC Marathon. it is only her inexperience at running the marathon that hold anyone back from choosing her to win. But, the NYC Marathon has seen a great female track runner to go on to win the race on her first attempt – Grete \Waitz.

There will no winners predicted for this year’s marathon. With the amount of talent assembled, the 2010 NYC Marathon may become the greatest race of all time. It should be a race to savor.

Good luck to all of the runners in the 2010 ING NYC Marathon!

NYC Marathon Athletes in the News

October 17, 2010

Chilean Miner to Be Invited to New York Marathon – Edison Peña is one of the 33 Chilean miners rescued after being trapped in a mine for 69 days. Edison Peña had been running up to 6 miles a day while waiting to be rescued. New York Road Runners is reaching out to Mr. Peña to invite him to the November 7 NYC Marathon. (NYT)

Running for the Red, White and Blue – 2009 NYC Marathon and USA Men’s Marathon champion Meb Keflezighi talks about being an naturalized American running for the USA, his injuries, and the road to becoming a champion. (WSJ)

Dathan Ritzenhein Hopes to Leave Pain Behind in New York – American distance runner Dathan Ritzenhein and Coach Alberto Salazar talks about Ritzenhein’s road to the NYC Marathon. (NYT)

The Woman to Watch at NYC Marathon: Shalane Flanagan (FitSugar)

Flanagan to Face Her Fears on the Streets of New York – The NYC Marathon is Shalane’s first marathon and she is the American favorite to win. (NYT)

Haile Gebrselassie Road to NYC Marathon: Part 1, His Life – presents a multi-part series of videos that feature an interview with marathon World Record holder Haile Gebrselassie. (

Robert Cheruiyot, Martin Lel pull out of New York City Marathon (USA Today)

New Willis Avenue Bridge marks the end of an era as old bridge takes 109 years of history with it – The bridge construction will have an effect on the marathon route.

WSJ talks with Meb Keflezighi

November 22, 2009

Image source Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal reached out to 2009 NYC Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi to discuss running, religion and what it means to be an American. View Article.

Meb Is All American

November 3, 2009

meb_keflezighiI can’t believe there are people out there that want to challenge whether Meb Keflezighi NYC Marathon win is truly a win by an American(NYT Article) . This is because Meb was born in Eritrea and immigrated to the United States when he was 12. There are people that believe you need to be born in the United States to truly be considered an American.

My grandfather, Hon. Mark A. Costantino, was a Federal Court judge who had naturalized over 250,000 people citizens of the United States. His parents were immigrants from Italy that embraced their new country and worked very hard. In every new citizen he naturalized, he saw in them the hopes, dreams and love for the United States his parents had. Meb Keflezighi could have been one of these people he naturalized an American citizen. If you had asked my grandfather if Meb was an American, he would say he is all American.

Meb Keflezighi’s Late Show Top Ten

November 3, 2009

meb_lateshowING NYC Marathon and 2009 USA Men’s Marathon Championship winner Meb Keflezighi presented the Top Ten list on Late Show with David Letterman. Meb is the first American in 27 years to win the NYC Marathon. Go, Meb, go! Hopefully Meb’s victory will start a chain reaction of Americans winning in international distance running events. Watch the video.

Top Ten Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind When Running The New York City Marathon

10.”Wow, Staten Island is even more beautiful that I imagined”
9.”Cool! MapQuest found a route that’s only five miles”
8.”Am I experiencing a runner’s high, or is it the bus fumes?”
7.”Is that the finish line or crime scene tape?”
6.”Why can I run 26 miles in less time than it takes to play a World Series game?”
3.”Who’s that little boy waving at me? Oh, it’s Mayor Bloomberg”
2.”I forgot to bring exact change for the Verrazano Bridge!”
1.”I really hope that was Gatorade”

* “Perhaps eating a calzone every mile is too much carbo loading”
* “Would it be better to finish second and not have to go on Letterman?”
* “I shouldn’t have filled up on Halloween candy this morning”
* “This would be a lot easier if I didn’t keep stepping in wads of chewing gum”
* “Newark is beautiful this time of year — oh crap, I went the wrong way”

Souce: CBS Late Show with David Letterman

ING NYC Marathon

October 31, 2009

nyc_marathon_finishThere it is. The finish line for the ING NYC Marathon which is tomorrow. About 40,000 runners will be looking to cross the finish line. Best of luck to everyone participating.

My picks for the winners of the ING NYC Marathon are Patrick Makau and Paula Radcliffe. I believe they are both in their top form going into the race tomorrow. Patrick is a newcomer to the marathon. He has great speed and tenacity. The guy is a fighter. Paula is the top women marathon runner. With the new course being run for the first time tomorrow, I believe Paula will set a NYC Marathon record for the women.

This year’s NYC Marathon has a twist. It is also the 2009 USA Men’s Marathon Championship. Abdi Abdirahman, Meb Keflezighi, Ryan Hall, Brian Sell, Jorge Torres, and Jason Lehmkuhle are among the elite Americans competing. I believe Ryan Hall will win the Championship. He will be in the top five overall finishers.

I can’t wait to see who will be in the lead at the 26th mile.