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Meb Keflezighi’s Late Show Top Ten

November 3, 2009

meb_lateshowING NYC Marathon and 2009 USA Men’s Marathon Championship winner Meb Keflezighi presented the Top Ten list on Late Show with David Letterman. Meb is the first American in 27 years to win the NYC Marathon. Go, Meb, go! Hopefully Meb’s victory will start a chain reaction of Americans winning in international distance running events. Watch the video.

Top Ten Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind When Running The New York City Marathon

10.”Wow, Staten Island is even more beautiful that I imagined”
9.”Cool! MapQuest found a route that’s only five miles”
8.”Am I experiencing a runner’s high, or is it the bus fumes?”
7.”Is that the finish line or crime scene tape?”
6.”Why can I run 26 miles in less time than it takes to play a World Series game?”
3.”Who’s that little boy waving at me? Oh, it’s Mayor Bloomberg”
2.”I forgot to bring exact change for the Verrazano Bridge!”
1.”I really hope that was Gatorade”

* “Perhaps eating a calzone every mile is too much carbo loading”
* “Would it be better to finish second and not have to go on Letterman?”
* “I shouldn’t have filled up on Halloween candy this morning”
* “This would be a lot easier if I didn’t keep stepping in wads of chewing gum”
* “Newark is beautiful this time of year — oh crap, I went the wrong way”

Souce: CBS Late Show with David Letterman

ING NYC Marathon

October 31, 2009

nyc_marathon_finishThere it is. The finish line for the ING NYC Marathon which is tomorrow. About 40,000 runners will be looking to cross the finish line. Best of luck to everyone participating.

My picks for the winners of the ING NYC Marathon are Patrick Makau and Paula Radcliffe. I believe they are both in their top form going into the race tomorrow. Patrick is a newcomer to the marathon. He has great speed and tenacity. The guy is a fighter. Paula is the top women marathon runner. With the new course being run for the first time tomorrow, I believe Paula will set a NYC Marathon record for the women.

This year’s NYC Marathon has a twist. It is also the 2009 USA Men’s Marathon Championship. Abdi Abdirahman, Meb Keflezighi, Ryan Hall, Brian Sell, Jorge Torres, and Jason Lehmkuhle are among the elite Americans competing. I believe Ryan Hall will win the Championship. He will be in the top five overall finishers.

I can’t wait to see who will be in the lead at the 26th mile.

Upcoming Weekend Races

October 19, 2009

Saturday 10/24 – Nike+ Human Race 10K

Saturday 10/24 – Race to the Finish 5M

Sunday 10/25 – NYRR Poland Spring™ Marathon Kickoff 5M

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Race Report: NYRR Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K

October 18, 2009

Course - Satellite - Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K

Course - Satellite - Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K

The Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K was my first foray into country running. You couldn’t have asked for any better weather for a cross country race than the slop delivered on this Sunday morning. I wore cross country spikes for this race and had chosen to use stainless steel spikes instead of rubber pins.

The first mile of the course was messy with plenty of puddles. I ran it fairly well with a 6:40 mile split. About a quarter mile into the race, there is a potion of the course that goes over concrete. This complicates things a bit if you are wearing spikes.

The second mile is where I felt like a cross country newbie. The hills got to me. Sadly, I had even walked up one of the hills. My split was a horrid 8:20 mile. Crossing the Henry Hudson overpass is concrete.

The third mile is when you descend down the hills. Descending down the hills in the cross country trail isn’t the same as running down a paved road. The cross country trail is stepped. Every 20-30 feet you go down a step. This is where you need to be careful and not twist an ankle. After crossing the Henry Hudson overpass, there is long downhill. After the downhill you will make your way toward the finish line about a third of a mile away.My third mile good at 6:40. It was a good rebound. I ran hard through the finish.

Before the race, I had asked the volunteers about the course surface. I wanted to know if there are any hard surface. They said it was all dirt and grass. Which isn’t true. To be clear, there are three areas of the course that are concrete.

I have not had a decent 5K race as of yet. Everytime I run a 5K, something goes wrong. Like today in the woods I had to stop and catch my breath going up a hill. WTF? It’s as if I have a 5K jinx. Take a look at the race data from my Gamin Forerunner 305. You will see a big thud in the middle of the red speed graph.

Flat- Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K

Flat- Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K

Descending- Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K

Descending- Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K

Ascending - Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K

Ascending - Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K

Course - Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K

Course - Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K

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Upcoming Cross Country Races

October 16, 2009

This Sunday I’m running the Kurt Steiner 5K. In preparation for the race, I had purchased a pair of Asics Dirt Dog 2 cross country spikes. The race in the Bronx will also fulfil my goal of running a race in all five New York City boroughs this year.

Oct 18 – NYRR Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K – Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, New York
Nov 15 – NYRR Cross Country Championships 5K – Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY
Dec 13 – NYRR Pete McArdle Cross Country Classic 15K – Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY

View the running races calendar for more updates

Race Report: NYRR Staten Island Half-Marathon 2009

October 11, 2009


A runner could not have asked for a more beautiful Fall morning for the Staten Island Half-Marathon. The race had attracted 3,983 participants for the challenge of completing the 13.1 mile course. The top male finisher was Jorge Real (WSX) 1:10:04 and the first female finisher was Madeleine Zolfo 1:23:46. Madeline traveled all the way from Treasure Island, FL for the race.

The temperature was a very cool when I got the Staten Island Ferry. It’s getting to be that time of year when the mornings are colder in New York. At this race I had the opportunity to be in the VIP tent. I am very grateful for having the opportunity. It kicks ass. The best part of it is that you have access to a VIP port-o-john. I was able to enjoy the VIP tent for a little while before the race. But I was looking forward to doing my warm-up to make the the chill go away. I remembered to bring my sunglasses to the race. It was a good thing too, because it was very sunny.

The half-marathon course was familiar territory since I had grown up in Rosebank. The potholes and hills weren’t anything new for me. It’s a fast course overall. Long and open stretches of road. Running down the hill at Lilly Pond Ave into Father Capodanno Blvd had help take a few seconds off of my time. I managed to run a 1:35:35. That’s 3:50 faster than the Queens Half last month. I felt strong the second half of the race with a strong finish. I had to move to the middle of the road to run by the other runners. It must be running the hills that makes me a strong finisher.

The course was long again according to my Garmin Forerunner 305. The watch calculated the distance of the course to be 13.28 miles. The race official say the course is certified. So I it makes me think if I am running the course the right way. But I was following the person in front of me like the announcer had said to before the race.

For some reason I was a little slow for miles three and four. I don’t know why? It was flat and should have been faster.

The one thing I have to gripe about is how poorly the volunteers were handing out the water at some of the aid stations. Pay attention.

I love the thrill of finishing a half-marathon. I can’t wait for the next season. I am planning to run all five boroughs next year.

Staten Island Half-Marathon - Course

Staten Island Half-Marathon - Course

Staten Island Half-Marathon - Ascending

Staten Island Half-Marathon - Ascending

Staten Island Half-Marathon - Descending

Staten Island Half-Marathon - Descending

Staten Island Half-Marathon - Flat

Staten Island Half-Marathon - Flat

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Upcoming Race: NYRR Staten Island Half-Marathon

October 7, 2009

halfmarathongrandprixSunday October 11 8:30 AM

NYRR Staten Island Half-Marathon
Staten Island, NY

This upcoming Sunday Staten Island will be final stop on NYRR Half-Marathon Grand Prix series. It also means I get to run through the neighborhood I grew up in. I’d like to thank Continental Airlines for granting me VIP tent access. Myself getting VIP treatment has nothing to do with this stupid blog. Trust me. Here are the race details.

Staten Island Half Marathon Course Map

Start and Finish Layout – Staten Island Half Marathon

Upcoming Race: 4th Annual Liz Padilla Memorial 5K

October 2, 2009

liz_padillaSunday October 4 10:00 AM

Bartel Pritchard Square, Prospect Park
Brooklyn, NY

Friday, October 2nd at 4:00 pm is your final opportunity to pre-register online. On-site registration will be available on race day for a fee of $25.00.

Join us for the 4th Annual Liz Padilla Memorial 5K on Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 10:00 AM at Bartel Pritchard Square, Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

FUNDRAISE FOR THE VLP: The individual who raises the most from pledges will win two round trip tickets to fly to any destination on JetBlue Airways.

About Liz

Elizabeth Kasulis Padilla, a graduate of Cornell Law School, joined the Volunteer Lawyers Project as a Pro Bono Coordinator/Staff Attorney in December 2004 with the goal of helping those less fortunate than herself. Liz approached each day with excitement, eagerly seeking opportunities to give back to her community, especially to those most in need of a helping hand.

In the early summer of 2005 Liz, a competitive runner, was planning a 5k Race to benefit the VLP as a unique way of joining two of her favorite activities. On Thursday, June 9th, 2005, Liz was tragically killed in a road accident when she was biking to work. Her absence continues to weigh heavily on those who knew and loved her, yet she continues to inspire us. This race is dedicated to honoring her legacy of kindness and generosity.

About The VLP

The Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project, Inc. (the “VLP”) is committed to the principle that the legal system must be accessible to everyone if it is to succeed. Since 1990, the VLP has been addressing the unmet legal needs of the poorest residents of Brooklyn. It remains the only free legal services program that operates boroughwide, offering pro bono representation to all Brooklyn residents, including those who are not eligible for or who cannot be served by staffed legal services organizations.

While uniquely rich in diversity, Brooklyn also has the largest indigent population in NYS, with over 600,000 people living in poverty. Consequently, problems such as elder fraud and abuse, family disputes, and crippling debt, prevalent in poor communities, are endemic in Brooklyn. The VLP volunteer lawyers, recruited from the private bar and trained and supported by VLP mentors, attack these problems through the legal system to help impoverished clients regain dignity and control over their lives.

Since its inception, the VLP has provided legal assistance to thousands of people who would not otherwise have had their rights protected or their voices heard.

Upcoming Race: Fred Lebow Cross Country 5K

October 2, 2009

fred_lebowSunday October 4 11:30 AM

Van Cortlandt Park
Bronx, New York

Fred Lebow is the man that made the dream happen. He is the founder of the New York City Marathon. Fred was also the president of New York Road Runners Club for twenty years.

Almost 15 years since Fred Lebow’s passing, New York-area runners pay tribute to the co-founder of the New York City Marathon with this annual cross country event.

Location: Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, New York

Sign in and registration at the Tortoise and Hare statue, 248th Street and Broadway until 11:15 a.m. Bathroom facilities are available here. If traveling by bus or subway, please check for any service advisories affecting your plans.

By subway: Take the northbound IRT #1 train to 242nd Street (the last stop). Exit at the front of the station and walk north. If traveling by bus or subway, check for any service advisories affecting your plans.

By car: Take the Major Deegan to the Van Cortlandt Park South exit. Drive west to Broadway, and then north to 252nd Street. Park on Broadway (please do not double park). For a minimal fee, additional parking is available in the parking lot behind the stadium, by the Van Cortlandt Park South exit.
Entry Fees
Members * Jr/Sr Members * Non-Members
On or before September 29 $7 $5 $7
Limited Race Day Entries* $10 $7 $10


Upcoming Race: Grete’s Great Gallop 13.1M / Norway Run 1.7M

September 29, 2009

NorwegianFlagSaturday October 3 8:15 AM / 9:00 AM

Central Park
New York, NY

The land of sparkling fjords, Jarlsberg cheese, nine-time New York City Marathon champion Grete Waitz, and all things Norwegian is celebrated on this delightful day! The events include running, walking, Norwegian food, and entertainment.
Which Race?

Individuals must choose one event. No matter which race you registered for, your race number will allow you to run either the Norway Run or Grete’s Great Gallop, but not both.
Grete’s Great Gallop / Norway Run Courses

Norway Run
1.7M – 8:15 am

Start on Central Park’s West Drive by Tavern on the Green and head north.

Turn right / east on 72nd Transverse, turn right / south on East Drive and continue around the lower end of the park to the finish on West Drive by Tavern on the Green.

Grete’s Great Gallop
13.1M – 9:00 am

Start on Central Park’s East Drive at 70th Street and head south. Complete two clockwise loops of the park. After the second lap, continue around the lower end of the park to the finish on West Drive by Tavern on the Green.

Number Pickup /Registration

Entrants are required to pick up their numbers, scoring tags, and race souvenirs in advance at NYRR, 9 East 89th Street, on:

• Thursday, October 1, 1:00 -7:00 p.m.
• Friday, October 2, 1:00 -7:00 p.m.

Near the start at the registration tent on Saturday, October 3:

• Norway Run, 6:45 – 7:45 a.m.
• Grete’s Great Gallop, 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
• Troll Stroll, 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.