About Those New NYRR Bibs

Since the close of NYRR’s East 8th Street building, bib pickup is taking place at the NYRR store at 322 Columbus Ave. When you pick up your your bib, you will not receive a bib that is pre-assigned to you. Your name, running pace, club affiliation will not appear on the bib. You receive a random bib from a volunteer at a checkout register which will be assigned to you. Gone is any semblance of number hierarchy. The last thing the volunteer does before handing you the bib is placing a sticker with a corral letter on the bib.

What about that?

The corral letters easily peal off of the new bibs. See here:


I thought the randomly assigned numbers would make it difficult to spot the cheaters in the results. But being able to peel and swap the sticker makes it possible to jump corrals.

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